New ways of working

Collaboration software platforms are now supporting agile and more productive ways of working by creating dedicated spaces for employees, clients and partners, including tools developed to running business tasks like co-editing documents or online communications more effectively, with high level of interaction.


  • Optimized people participation, fluent communication and transparency
  • Increased productivity and overall business results
  • Improved information access and sharing
  • Streamline project development in distributed teams



Corporate Networking

Modern Social Intranets / Extranets and Portals integrate Web 2.0 functionalities for collaboration and communication in a single environment.

Communities management

Dedicated, private and secure spaces for working collaboratively, sharing contents, offering members better personalized support in line with their interests.

Project management

Assignment, monitoring and reporting tasks within groups, communities and teams.

File and Document management

Functionalities for instant sharing and co-editing capabilities, with efficient version management in a secure SSL environment.

Communication center

Activity streams, Instant messaging, blogs, forums, corporate videos, email and calendar, microblogging for posting relevant news and activities.

Custom Forms and Surveys

Easy design and customization with advanced features for viewing and analyzing results.

Web conferences

Online meetings with desktop sharing, chat and Q&A functionalities.

Online events management

Presentations and training sessions, with tools like to facilitate registration and post-event surveys.




Cloud-based collaboration environments offer high degree of flexibility with easy set-up and configuration including all necessary measures on security, information control and integrity that let employees, customers and partners keep working productively together.


  • Cloud-based platforms include all the essential tools to improve collaborative working in order to significatively simplify daily activities with an excellent user experience.


  • Powerful features for managing privacy and security in all type of communities, both internals or external with clients and partners.

Easy to implement

  • Great flexibility, with all collaboration tools ready for an easy use after setting up and deployment.



Agendum offers a set of professional services designed to support clients with action plans and resources for consolidating a great collaborative working culture. The success of this initiative will be directly related to its optimal adoption, business value generation and natural integration in daily work activities.

1. Preparation

  • Guiding people and organization along the transition process through several stages, practical activities, learning workshops and maturity assessment, helping to define its change readiness.

2. Strategy

  • This phase defines vision, scope and objectives of the program along with specifications, benefits, feasibility, alignment with overall business objectives and general planning.

3. Development and launch

  • In line with the configuration and testing of the technological platform it is also essential to positively manage the expectations inside the company with communication and training programs.

4. Evolution

  • Collaborative work starts to show up from this stage with a practical sense and a succesive activation of tools and use cases to facilitate their gradual adoption, creating positive short-term impacts.
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