Open organizations

Enterprise collaboration is the result of a profound change process that many organizations are exploring towards a more co-creative and open culture, innovating their ways of working both at their internal corporate environment and also externally on relationships with customers and partners.


  • Increase productivity
  • Creating and accessing contents in a more effective manner
  • Improve project management in distributed teams
  • Get people more participative, communicative, collaborative.

Strategy framework


  • This is the first, essential step to get understanding on what are the benefits of adopting new ways of working in a much more collaborative environment.
  • It positively drives guidance to both People and Organization responding to all Why´s of this change journey.
  • It´s also a great exercise for discovering new opportunities and coming up with new learning skills to develop.

Direction & Planning

  • Defining vision, scope and objectives of the program.
  • Detailing specifications and requirements, both functional and technical, ensuring alignment and adaptation to daily activities.
  • Providing a feasibility study: Analysis, impact and risks. Table of recommendations and further actions.
  • General planning: Roadmap that identifies work groups, budgets, training activities, schedule and project controls.

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  • Defining scenarios and use cases to put first into practice in order to generate a positive impact in a very short term.
  • Deploying programs for training key users, community managers, people and areas to be considered as “early-adopters”.
  • Defining governance rules on usage, communities and contents.
  • Make sure that an “on going” communication of the program is in place, showing milestones and progress.


  • The overall success of this change initiative will be directly related to its capability for business value generation.
  • Driving a continuous learning approach and encouraging to actively work in communities and teams.
  • Professional services offered by Agendum support all these activities with modern methodologies which lead to achieving a mature, collaborative behavior in the organization.

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