Change Leadership

The evolution towards collaborative work culture involves all organizational levels to create more open and agile contexts that are primarily leading to reinforce employee engagement for then fully satisfying customer needs.

The purpose of this change initiative is to generate higher productivity levels and customer value by infusing learning at work, collaboration and sharing knowledge in day-to-day operations and organization’s identity.


  • Mobilize people and organizations in adopting new ways of working and more collaborative experiences.
  • Consolidate a corporate culture that supports innovation and continuous learning.
  • Adapting organizations to new business scenarios with highly demanding customers
  • Facilitate strategy and planning within the adoption cycle


Adopting new ways of working requires an early and detailed exercise of preparation and open dialogue within the organization to clearly understand all the reasons driving this initiative.

Assessing change readiness, identifying people’s needs and their attitude towards new working environments, tools, etc will facilitate the conditions for leading transition accordingly.

Analysis of strengths, opportunities, potential barriers and challenges will then be useful for developing the next stage in the adoption cycle, the strategic plan.


Agendum offers practical training and workshops to gain better understanding of nature and reasons that support this change journey, also in helping to discover new opportunities.

These sessions are specially configured for achieving results as follows,

  • Development of strong collaborative behaviour
  • A more effective management of collective knowledge
  • Greater engagement through working in communities

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